420 Friendly About Us 420 Friendly Skater 420 Friendly is a brand that is dedicated to expressing the acceptance of cannabis and the proper portrayal of the 420 Friendly subculture’s voice. 420 Friendly is looking to become the counterculture's first cannabis couture brand, by way of releasing an expressive line of products that are aimed directly at the world's 420 Friendly community. By directly crossing the pop culture aspect of the marijuana industry and combining it with the couture-aspect of high-end apparel, this brand is looking to have consumers go up in smoke when they get a taste of the goods that 420 Friendly has to offer. 420 Friendly Girl Just by recognizing the mere fact that April 20th (otherwise known as 4/20) has become the counterculture's Christmas Day, it becomes evident that massive groups of people around the world gather to celebrate and appreciate the glory of being 420 Friendly. The following of such a rich alternative holiday is observed by the cannabis counterculture, medical marijuana patients, legal reformers and even entheogenic spiritualists. So now you ask yourself, where can I find a clothing line of high-quality apparel that portrays the voice of my community without any stereotypical designs? The answer to that is simple, and it’s deep rooted within the many products that 420 Friendly has to offer. Whether you're a famous hip-hop artist, attorney at law, professional basketball player or just someone who appreciates the art of being 420 Friendly, this is a couture line that unites everyone at the stem and provides high-end products and apparel. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the latest in 420 Friendly products, because you're going to wish you had copped some while you're left out of the rotation.